Unlock Your Business Potential with Data

As industries rapidly embrace Digital Transformations, the amount of data generated is also growing exponentially. This huge amount of data contains possibilities to improve the industry itself. With the right refinement process, data could be turned into insights, creating endless possibilities of improvement as well as optimization into your business needs and goals.

Our Solutions

Data Refinery

Data is the new oil, however, it needs to go through the refinement process before turned into insights to fuel the business. We always strive to maximize data utilization to optimize your business.

Behavior Analytics

Reveals new insights from customer behaviors that will help you determine and evaluate business metrics as well as segment your customers.

Video Analytics

Video Analytics Software uses mathematical algorithms to monitor, analyze, and manage large volume of video.  The solutions are designed to help you transform video monitoring network into a smart detection system and a valuable resource for business.

Use Cases

Information Extraction & Visualization
Churn Prediction
Customer Segmentation
Fraud Detection
Video People Counting
Customer Identification
Retail Analytics

Clients & Partners